Dream Catalogue

Dream Catalogue is the leading label in the vaporwave scene, and the pioneer label of the genre dream music.

Business Casual

Business Casual generally used to be vaporwave, but sonically is now going in a different direction. Still worth checking out.

DMT Tapes FL

An awesome vaporwave label operating out of Florida, but is sadly now defunct. Pioneer of the vaporwave subgenre Floridawave.

Commercial Dreams Ltd.

CDL is my vaporwave record label, and probably my greatest achievement in the vaporwave scene.


A very new and fresh vaporwave label, definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Fortune 500

Fortune 500 was one of the best vaporwave labels around in 2012-2013, unfortunately they are now defunct. Still worth your time.

Ailanthus Recordings

Vaporwave label that has been running for a long time, has a massive discography. Good for collectors.

Sunup Recordings

Very underrated and overlooked vaporwave label, sadly no longer operational.

Illuminated Paths

Very long running vaporwave cassette label, very large discography.

Plastic Response Records

Not necessarily a vaporwave label, but has released vaporwave in the past.

Crystal Magic

Crystal Magic is, once again, not necessarily a vaporwave label, but does release vaporwave from time to time.

Beer on the Rug

Another not vaporwave label, but has released vaporwave, and is home to FLORAL SHOPPE.


NIGHT PLAZA was a small label that popped out of nowhere, and vanished almost as quickly. Defunct.


Regards itself as a future music label, releases vaporwave.

Keats Collective

A label specialising in future funk.

Tokyo Exchange

An anonymously run rising player in the vaporwave scene. Super worth checking out, even just for the atmosphere

Adhesive Sounds

A very overlooked vaporwave label.

Hjördis-Britt Åström

One of the most overlooked vaporwave labels out there.

Orange Milk Records

Future music label, has released some vaporwave before.