OVERGROWTH by Oscob / Digital Sex

I'm not personally the biggest fan of this album as a whole, but I can respect its ability to create an awesome atmosphere, and there are some tracks on there that are just amazing (Failed Reboot)

Into the light by Infinity Frequencies

Absolutely incredible. Surreal, creepy and incredibly narrative. A definite must have.

浪漫的夢想 by Hong Kong Express

First ever Dream Catalogue release, always a classic.

フライトを楽しむ (Enjoy Your Flight!) by 日本航空株式会社 ✈ Japan Airlines

Probably my favourite vaporwave release ever.

슈퍼마켓Yes! We're Open by 식료품groceries

Classic mallsoft album, absolutely worth checking out.

Amiga-Tech [新コンセプト #1] by Shima33

Sad, melancholic vaporwave, intended to be Shima's last album, as he intended to finish it and commit suicide, but thanks to the vaporwave community he is still alive and active today.

TOKYO AUDIO 3000 by AIR Japan

The rename of 日本航空株式会社 ✈ Japan Airlines , and incredibly different. Awesome Tekken styled vaporwave.

魂コントローラ by Soul コントローラ Enterprises™

I am so upset that this guy hasn't made any more vaporwave after this album. Awesome segahaze stuff.

OST (1).rar by R23X

Really cool 1990s Japanese videogame styled vaporwave.


Really dark and gritty music that reminds me of a Tokyo alleyway.

商業的な仕事 1993 – 2004 by Kobayashi Yamato

I can't do this backstory justice, read the description of the album on the link.

I'll Try Living Like This by death's dynamic shroud.wmv

dds.wmv's best work yet. Weird k-poppy styled trippy vaporwave.

[夏日] by マクロスMACROSS 82-99

Super funky future funk.

Childhood by Childhood

Even more super funky future funk.

L A S T S U M M E R by .nebula

Even more super funky future funk! Aren't I nice?


Awesome ocean grunge / vaporwave.

Purgatory by Cobalt Road

Really well produced vaportrap. Almost to a Blank Banshee level.


Absolutely essential.

Disney iTunes 3D by Video Ezy

Really groovy almost future funk. Reminds me of an 80s TV show.

Suddenly Mega by Careless Messenger Recordings✆ (division under Comtex)

Really calming and vapey vaporwave. And hey, I even have this album on cassette!

遠く離れたミニマリストの場所に自宅から by WEBサイトサファ MOTOROLA

This album is incredible. I can't explain it, you will just have to listen to it.

DeepSeaPunk EP by T R A P_MAN_B I T C H

Really trippy kind-of-seapunk. Definitely worth your time.

Beach Party by 猫 シ Corp.

First album by 猫 シ Corp, really really groovy.

HIRAETH by 猫 シ Corp.

An early 2000s IT office suite converted into music form.

Palm Mall by 猫 シ Corp.

A near-futuristic shopping mall converted into music form. 猫 シ Corp. seems to be really good at that kind of thing.

アウディAudi by 猫 シ Corp.

Ok last 猫 シ Corp. album. Sounds like a 1990s Japanese Audi commercial converted into music form.

Blank Banshee 1 by Blank Banshee

The ultimate Blank Banshee album and the ultimate vaportrap album.

High Fashion Mood Music by Eyeliner

Super funky corporate mood music.


The original vaporwave album. Unfortunately, the label it is on is a pain in the ass so there is no official download, so you will have to look for your own.

ClearSkies™ by PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises

Awesome funky early 2000s MIDI stuff, I even forked out $80 for a second hand cassette of this! The album is $6 USD, but I'm sure there is a free download out there somewhere.

This Could Be Us But U Playin by Young Muslim

On the surface it looks really sub-par, but musically, this is incredibly underrated.


Even MORE super funky future funk!